We need a variety of input, influence and voices to form a legitimate idea of business. What if for all inputs you have One Source?...... What if you wanted to sit back and just experience a business sourcing suite? …. It is always nice to get things done when they are available at ease… One Source provides you the right mix of solutions. Starting from as petty as Plastic bags to any range of raw material and business solutions you might need.
We are a group of individuals motivated to provide customized services for the plastic thirst world. We are a developing nation and we are proud to say that we provide business suites which require as less as a phone call for your business needs. Our core activity at the moment is to provide you with best possible deals on various plastic needs.
We have access to the biggest plastic manufacturers in India and our strong knowledge in outsourcing business has made our access to wider range of business needs and the ways they can be smoothly spread across the business world.
Work Flow :
Listening to customer
Making a confirmation with customer
Procuring the material
Order tracking
Customer follow-up
All the above just through phone calls and mails. It´s a easy process.